Apos effects patients suffering from anterior knee pain

Amir Haim, Ganit Segal, Avi Elbaz, Amit Mor, Gabriel Agar, Yaron Bar-Ziv, Yiftah Beer, Guy Morag, Ronen Debi, Ehud Atoun
This study was devised to examine the effect of a novel biomechanical therapy for patients suffering from anterior knee pain (AKP).
A retrospective analysis of 48 patients suffering from AKP was performed. Patients under went a gait evaluation, using an electronic walk way mat, and completed the SF-36 health survey and the WOMAC que stionnaireat baseline and af te r 3 and 6 months of  therapy. As pecial biomechanical device was individually calibrated for each patient. AposTherapy is a functional , non-invasi verehabilitati on the r-apy consisting of a biomechanical foot-worn device that is used during activities of daily living. Repeated measures analyses were performed to compare gait parameters and self-ev aluation questionnaires between baseline, 3 months and 6 months.
Walking velocity significantly increased by 5.7 cm/s, cadence increased by 1.6 steps/minute, and stride length increased by 3.4 cm in relation to pretreatment testing (p b 0. 001 for al l) . E nd-point ev al uation revealedad-ditional improvement of these parameters; however these did not significantly differ from that of mid-treatment. Pain decreased by 36.6% and 49.2% following 13 and 26 weeks of treatment, respectively (P b 0.0 1) a nd function improved by 25.2% and 41.7% following 13 and 26 weeks of treatment, respectively (P = 0.01).
The males show significantly greater coronal dimensions of the trochlea than women which are like-ly to contribute to the higher prevalence of prosthetic overhang in women with some standard implants.
Clinical relevance
Based on the current study’s results it may be concluded that this therapy might have a positive effect for patients with AKP.http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0968016012002311

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