AposTherapy reduces the forces acting on the painful joint

Haim A et al., Journal of Biomechanics 2010
This study conducted in the Computerised Gait Analysis Laboratory at the Technion; Israel proved that AposTherapy reduces the flexor adduction moment in the knee.The AposTherapy unique biomechanical technology releases pressure from painful joints and introduces controlled micro-instability for muscle re-education.

This study attempted to monitor knee joint biomechanics while walking to understand how to improve kinetic patterns. Kinetic patterns can be affected by changing the location of the centre of pressure (COP) of the foot. The accepted theory is that a shifted location of the COP alters the distance between the ground reaction force (the force that passes through the body when the foot strikes the ground) and the centre of the joint. This redistributes the pressure on the joint and influences our movement patterns when we walk.

Various footwear designs have been reported to significantly alter the way the sagittal joint moves while walking. However, this was the first study that explored the relationship between the COP and the kinetic patterns in the sagittal plane while walking in healthy men. The study applied AposTherapy biomechanical technology which allows controlled manipulation of the COP’s location. Fourteen healthy men underwent successive computerized walking analysis with the device placing the COP at 3 different locations on the sagittal plane, moving it from the back to the front of the body. The study showed that there is a clear connection between redistributing the forces acting on the knee joint and how effectively the body can then move throughout the lower extremities.

Haim A, Rozen N, Wolf A. The influence of sagittal center of pressure offset on gait kinematics and kinetics.

Journal of Biomechanics 2010, 22;43:969-77.

Haim A et al. Journal of Biomechanics 2010 

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